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Creating contemplative communities

who practice the presence of God
for personal transformation

and compassionate service

with the world

The School for Contemplative Living
is a "school without walls" reaching beyond traditional boundaries
to teach and share the practices of meditation, centering prayer, mindfulness,
compassion, and the contemplative life for those seeking

a community of faith, hope, love, and peace open to all.

New Groups Underway or Beginning Soon

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Compassion Cultivation Training


Yoga as Prayer

email Susan Grace

Listening Circles for Clergy

Authentic sharing about the unique challenges faced in ministry

in these critical times

An LGBTQIA+ "Listening Circle"

A “Listening Circle,”

providing support, trust, and encouragement will be offered, as well as resources for understanding what it means to be gay in a non-gay society. Inspiring life stories will be confidentially shared.

Other topics for discussion and possible meeting times will be the group’s decision.