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Three-Centered Awareness:
A Renewal Retreat

Living with Integrity and Joy

To strengthen the connection to your body

To deepen the wisdom of your heart and

To quiet and calm your mind

Saturday, December 4, 2021

 9 am to 3 pm

The Epiphany House,

3924 St. Charles Avenue,  New Orleans

facilitated by

AnnaMaria Signorelli, LCSW

These 3 centers are our connection to the physical body, the emotional/relational heart space, and the thinking mind. When in alignment these connect us to the universal. Their alignment is increasingly being recognized within spiritual and psychological communities as the doorway to living a life of integrity and joy.


The schedule will include time for stillness and deep personal reflection, small group discussion, and a little training in tools for daily life.

AnnaMaria Signorelli, LCSW, will share insights and techniques developed throughout her many years of work as a psychotherapist and will particularly draw from the successes and explorations of her popular and long-standing Joy groups.

Suggested donation: $75 (between $50 - $75 or more)

All proceeds go to support the work of the School for Contemplative Living.


Registration is required in advance

(and because space is limited your commitment to attend is important).


For more information or to register, email