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The "School Without Walls"

The School for Contemplative Living is a "school without walls" reaching beyond traditional boundaries to teach and share the practices of meditation, centering prayer, mindfulness, compassion, and the contemplative life for those seeking a community of faith, hope, love, and peace open to all--no walls!


We invite you to browse our website, to explore what we have to offer, and consider experimenting with a group or participating in an event.  Sign up for our regular eNews here to stay updated.  All are welcome; please join us!

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No Walls  for the gate of heaven is everywhere

building bridges of understanding 

cultivating contemplation

teaching practices of prayer

nurturing inner peace | strengthening the soul

centering the spirit | promoting unity

practicing oneness | demonstrating love

in stillness and simplicity

companioning the seeker in small groups | auditoriums

hospitals | colleges | prisons churches | sanctuaries

on the streets | at the shelters | in the soup kitchens

beyond the boundaries and barriers

which have for so long separated the souls

of humankind

In a world

increasingly broken

and divided

by hatred

and violence,

shrill voices,


conflicting directions,

there is a school

that strives

to teach

another way...

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