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Join Rev. Connie for an exploration of Spirit, manifest through our planet, and personal healing. Connecting to the living beings of nature all around us connects us to our own origins, both ecologically and spiritually. It is the sense of separation between us and the Earth that is the source of much of our suffering, and the way to healing is returning to our innate relationship with the more-than-human world.

Engage in ecotherapy-based practices on your own as well as in groups (including The Work That Reconnects). We’ll be both indoors and outside, so make sure that you have access to an outdoor space, or at least a window to look out on a landscape. Houseplants and animal companions also deepen this sense of connection, so include them in our time together. You’re also invited to create a nature altar to foster this renewed relationship with the Divine through all aspects of the natural world.


Learn to look, listen, and feel in new ways, and to sense the Divine language shared between you and all beings. It begins with a deep respect for the plants, animals, elements, and planet as emanations of the Sacred, and results in well-being, aliveness, increased joy, and a sense of belonging here on Earth.

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