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The Gate of Heaven is Everywhere

Photo by Rachel Meese

The day arrives, the time comes knocking at the door, when the new book needs to be birthed and a lively dialogue begins. This is how the story begins:

“At the center of our being is a point…which belongs entirely to God…a pure diamond blazing…I have no program for this seeing. It is only given. But the gate of heaven is everywhere.” Thomas Merton

What if you learned the gate of heaven, the Source of wisdom, power, peace and love we all need, could be found anywhere and everywhere, here and now, right where you stand? Maybe you turned to this book because that is what you are searching for. This discovery could change everything.

The people who said you could only find a gate of heaven if you believed their way,

acted as they said, attended their church, or mastered the right yoga postures and learned to sit in a lotus position, were wrong. You were wrong if you believed the gate of heaven was intended for people who are worthier than you. What if the very gate of heaven can be found anywhere, even by someone like you, because it is everywhere?

When we see the fabric of the world’s soul being torn asunder by every manner of

divisiveness between human beings across the globe, the human family desperately needs to find our oneness, our common center, a gate of heaven in our daily lives. What we need now is to encounter the Wild Divinity, a Life Force great enough to move us from chaos into inner stillness. What we need is a Power greater than ourselves to help us make the shift from the illusion of separateness back into our awareness of how we belong to each other and need each other’s protection and care.

This is a book about the quest to find the home of God in the center of our beings, which can then open a gate of heaven wherever we go. We need that connection to our Source more than ever. The path before us is a contemplative quest: the search for the Wild Divinity.

This is my journey. I wonder: Is it yours? If so, are you ready to enter the dialogue on a global scale, the one where we share our own experiences of the sacred, our own luminous moments that mean everything to us, that even save our lives? If you take the risk to share yours’, as I have done in this new book, you will be enriching all of us and helping us find, or rediscover, the gates of heaven in our own lives.

So today, in the very middle of a pandemic, I offer this gift to you. It comes with the invitation to join in a global conversation of how we have each found a gate of heaven opening in our own lives, perhaps even when things fall apart, and even when suffering is great. You can have a pre-publication copy of the pdf version free. For your free pdf copy just email me at

If you are able you can also make a donation in any amount to our School for Contemplative Living at Donations can be received by TextPay, online contribution, or checks. The website explains how, and I can email you the details.

If you want to join in the global conversation of the many ways we are discovering a gate of heaven everywhere, even in the midst of a pandemic, just share your experience into the Google Sheet with the link here.



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